Episode 9: The Mom Brand


Mom’s usually hold a special place in our hearts. The presence or absence has a major effect on who we turn out to be. As the standard of living increases worldwide, and the need for 2 income homes continues to rise, we ask how has the role and perception of the mom brand changed? And how does the marketing to moms need to change?

With the rise of social influencers and their creation of “authentic” branding. We have seen many mom’s turn their motherhood into a business. In this episode we speak with Antonia (Toni) Fifi, a scholar, an entrepreneur, a successful influencer and of course, a mom!

Antonia is a Caribbean bohemian mom of two. With a business degree from the University of Toronto and a degree in Fashion Design from the former International Academy of Design and Technology she started her career as a Fashion Buyer and later opened her own chain of women’s clothing boutiques in Trinidad and Tobago. When her son was diagnosed with developmental delays she closed her businesses to assign the necessary time to his needs. Those needs brought her and her family of four back to Toronto, Canada in 2018. Now a new immigrant, Antonia knew she had to pivot and @tonififi was born. Today she is a motherhood and lifestyle influencer, sharing everything from special needs parenting to fashion.

Episode Transcript