Episode 8: Branding Change


In this episode of The Naked Brand we explore the role of brands during movements of change. How do we stay relevant while also staying true?

“Pivot” has possibly become our least favourite word. But the truth is, most organizations have had to change what they offer and how they do it in at least some way.

“You can’t change community unless they are a part of your structure.” The Naked Brand welcomes special guest Daniel Roukema, an award-winning community economic development and communications leader who has dedicated his career to social impact. As these companies start to pivot, we discuss the how’s and why’s these brands need to start the journey of social change from the top of the organization with internal processes.

Daniel is the CEO of MDR Public Affairs, a communications and organizational design agency that supports clients committed to building and supporting safer, healthier, and greener communities.

A recognized facilitator, speaker, and instructor, Daniel also works closely with Canadian regulatory bodies promoting the sector’s mandate to protect consumers in a fairer and more informed marketplace.

Episode Transcript