Episode 7: The Entrepreneurship Brand


If we look at entrepreneurship as a brand, what’s the pulse and the personality of that brand? What is the brand of entrepreneurship when you’re creating something out of essentially nothing!In this inspiring episode we explore the evolving brand and scope of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship itself.  The Naked Brand hosts Joe Canavan, a highly regarded executive, a passionate investor and an inspiring entrepreneur.Joe has built and sold several asset-management firms over the years, including GT Global (Canada), Synergy Asset Management and LOGiQ Asset Management. He also had stints as chairman and CEO of Assante Wealth Management (Canada) Ltd. and United Financial Corp. and as director of national sales at Fidelity Investment Canada ULC.Joe has been a mentor and board member at NEXT Canada since it was launched in 2010 as an initiative that aims to foster lifelong entrepreneurship.We speak to Joe about hiring the entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial mindset; the mental health that entrepreneurs face and The future of entrepreneurship in Canada.

Episode Transcript