Episode 6: The A.I. Powered Human Brand


In this episode we take Artificial Intelligence and we apply it to…… I’m sure you guessed it,  Brands!

We explore the idea of whether brands can stay true to their values and personalities as AI powered consumer interactions become a bigger part of the overall brand experience.  For example, if I order take-out from an AI powered voice, am I going to feel the same things I would if I was speaking to a human?  What is the fine balance between improving process and staying relevant?Does AI become more empathic than a human being?  

Our special guest is the CEO of Darwin AI, Sheldon Fernandez. His goal is to Illuminate the black box of Artificial Intelligence.

Sheldon is a seasoned executive with a deep and expansive academic and professional background across a myriad of subject areas: Computer Science, Enterprise Architecture, Product Development, Artificial Intelligence, philosophy, theology, philanthropy, Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship. An abiding Renaissance man in an era of specialization; technologist, philosopher, teacher and wordsmith rolled into an enigmatic but effervescent whole.

Through his leadership of Darwin AI, he wants to systematically innovate across the industry by continually searching for and creating opportunities; creating a sustainable competitive advantage through its world class technology; fostering a creative and equitable environment for all employees.

Episode Transcript