Episode 3: The Power of Brand Storytelling


The Power of Brand Storytelling with Ricardo Mcrae

When we really talk about brand, we have to talk about the story. The story can do so many things, not just for a brand, but for the organization, from recruiting all the way to PR. 

Stories are what power the brand in a lot of ways. 

On the podcast this week Mike invites artist & creative turned financial expert, Ricardo Mcrae, who embodies the spirit of brand storytelling. 

Ricardo is a licensed financial broker that specializes in helping families and entrepreneurs grow and save money. Before his foray into financial services, Ricardo was the award-winning entrepreneur behind the boutique consultancy, Wedge15. 

He appears frequently in the media, is a highly sought-after speaker and is the host of The Framing Podcast Podcast. Ricardo is well known for both his TEDx talk and as the Founder of BlackInCanada.com. His website is Canada’s leading source on Black Excellence reaching over 1M people in 100 countries, with 30K+ fans and followers on social. 

What is your Brand's story?

Episode Transcript