Episode 17: The Family Brand


It’s our season finale and what better way to bring all 17 episodes together than talking about family.

So excited to host the founders of Family is About Love, Frank Nelson and BJ Barone. They join The Naked Brand to share how their family was thrust into the spotlight almost overnight because of one picture! We delve into The Family Brand and so much more, questioning the true definition of family. Is family just blood or is family the people around you that make you feel loved? How do Brands approach family? Are brands telling the right stories about families? Are brands listening? How inclusive are they actually being?

We discuss how blood isn’t always thicker than water; the power of representation and visibility in branding and the responsibility of brands.

Spoiler alert: “Family is about love but on the flip side, love isn’t always about family”

Thank you all for tuning into Season 1 of The Naked Brand, look out for Season 2 coming in Fall 2021.

Episode Transcript