Episode 14: The Brand of Play


Play has proven to be a powerful force in developing young minds and hearts.  So why not with brands too? Can brands learn from play based learning techniques used by educators to help drive innovation, further diversity and inclusion and promote the general wellbeing of team members and customers? Should brands play more?

Danielle Saint-Onge is an elementary educator with extensive  experience in early learning and special education who teaches for the Upper Grand District School Board. One of the cornerstones in Danielle’s teaching practice is to enhance a child’s experience in school through empowering parents and caregivers with the knowledge they need to navigate the school system and engage teachers in positive partnerships that promote student achievement and wellbeing.

On top of being a full time teacher, Danielle is also a published author of children's fiction and non-fiction books.  She believes strongly in the power of play and literacy to bring social change and is active in her school community to support positive play and learning at school and home for families.

Episode Transcript