Episode 13: The Drill vs. The Hole: A tale of two branders


My late father would say “Everybody’s selling something!” And he’s right, we are always selling something. If that’s true then what are we buying?

Today we host Brent Closs, who is probably one of the only people who loves Brand theory as much as I do!

Brent Closs is a marketing communications and branding professional whose career and marketing perspective is built upon an education in the Fine Arts. Successful marketing, like successful art, influences the audience in the way you intend. We take another deeper look into The Drill vs. The Hole Theory and also nerd out on multiple brands, their presence and their evolution, between two branders!  

Brent started in the Marketing field as a graphic designer, expanding his capabilities and experience working for several Canadian Insurance Companies. In these roles Brent led several large-scale rebranding projects and dozens of product and service launch initiatives.Now with CAA Club Group Brand works across most of the organization’s brands, helping one of Canada’s most trusted brands remain relevant and engaged with the Members they serve while building and growing with new audiences.

Brent loves to:

Guide companies through transformational change, especially building and reinventing brands

Make complex topics simple to understand

Build high performing teams that drive marketing success by keeping the customer at the center of all decision making

Drive content marketing and consumer education programs

Episode Transcript