Hosted by Mike Leon
National On-Air Branding Expert - Global News Radio

Brands are personal, the way we chat about them should be too. 

I believe most issues in business and in life come back to this thing called brand. Brands teach us about who we are and how to create meaning with those who matter most.

The naked truth
So why the name, “The Naked Brand?” Maybe it’s my self-deprecating nature, but I can’t think of many words that are less comfortable than ‘naked’.
Branding is personal and to fix big issues in business, we need to have many uncomfortable conversations. We need to strip back brands to their fundamentals and start to rebuild from there.  Let’s answer the big question and challenge our brands, both in business and in life. 
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Latest Episodes

June 24, 2021

Guest: Lanrick Bennett Jr., Managing Director, 8 80 Cities

On The Naked Brand we are always talking about Brands in some shape or form. As the pandemic thunders on the subject of brands are starting to become more mainstream. Why Brands are important? Why People are Brands? How Brands help bring people together through creating culture. And a topic that I’m planning to have multiple episodes on... Why Branding is important now more than ever!

May 3, 2022

Sarah Mariano, Creator, Performance Stretch Therapy

Influence and branding - it's no secret that influencers are a huge part of brand culture. But what happens when the influencer becomes the brand? What is enough to give you influence and real credibility? Is it being really good at what you do or is it likeability? In this episode we speak with Sarah Mariano, Creator of Performance Stretch Therapy. Sarah has used social media, Instagram & Pinterest in particular, to build her business and influence in the stretch therapy community.

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